Firefly Electric Handcycle - Going Far

The Firefly is an electric handcycle that easily attaches to your wheelchair. Go twice as fast as a power wheelchair with a real world range of at least 15 miles (24 km).

RioMobility provides alternate propulsion systems for manual wheelchairs that reduce shoulder pain from rotator cuff injury, minimize carpal tunnel rsi syndrome, tendonitis and other injuries caused by repetitive use of manual pushrim wheelchairs.
Our lever drive wheelchair offers more maneuverability in tight spaces than hand pushrim wheelchairs and transfers much more energy to the wheels using a more ergonomic motion.
Easily roll over carpet, grass, and other rough surfaces with our efficient lever drive wheelchair.
Our attachable handcycles turn your own current manual wheelchair into a fast, fun, freedom machine that helps you navigate hills, rough terrain and other uneven surfaces using your upper body muscles. The efficient handbike motion transfers more power to your wheels to propel you faster and more efficiently than the hand pushrim motion.
Get a great workout that is fun and aerobic while propelling yourself around town on your own manual wheelchair that easily converts to a fun handcycle tricycle.
For those that need just a little boost our attachable power assisted handcycle provides all the health benefits of our manual handcycle while providing you the safety of power assist when needed to make it up a steep hill or when on terrain that is just a little too rough for you to manage using your own muscle power.